Haunted #CoverReveal! The #HorrorTwins Strike Again!

Hmm, do you perhaps know a little book called….


(If you don’t, it’s on sale for 99 cents right now, so get on that!!)

Well, our favorite #HorrorTwins are back with a sequel!

Are you ready for this?

Serial killers?

The perfectness of a book that celebrates all that is autumn? and…. murder?

And, obviously, BEAUTIFUL COVERS! Look at the pretty!!



Last October, corpses piled up in Woodsview, Massachusetts faster than autumn leaves in the dead of fall. The small town changed forever when Jeremy Kane, known as the Harvester, slaughtered Avery Blair’s classmates, her friends, and Jason, the love of her life. Avery was supposed to die too, but she narrowly escaped, killing the Harvester in the process.

Avery and her best friend are trying to move on and leave their horrible past behind. They’ve enrolled in college, and taken on new challenges. Avery has a campus radio show, and Quinn has found a release—and a new relationship—on the roller derby track.

The Harvester nightmare was laid to rest, along with the bodies of her friends and the remains of the killer. But what’s dead doesn’t always stay buried. With the anniversary of the slayings, comes a suspicious death on campus. When two of their dorm mates disappear, Avery suspects that the Harvester is back to finish what he started.

Avery Blair is haunted by the ghosts of her past—memories of the slayings that torment her days and curse her sleepless nights. She can dismiss the visions of Jason she sees everywhere, but she can’t ignore the signs that scream the Harvester is back…for blood.

One thing is certain—people are dying, and the killer is determined to add Avery and Quinn to the carnage. Can Avery separate fiction from reality and find the killer, or will the ghosts of the past finally consume her? Jeremy Kane is dead. He can’t possibly be back from the grave, can he?


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Scream Queens Is Back!


Scream Queens returned this week, and I couldn’t be happier. I freaking love this show. And maybe the thing I love about it the most is just how much it embraces the humorous side of horror.

See, I grew up on ’80s b-horror movies, which means I like my horror with a big side of cheese. Evil Dead, Return of the living Dead, Night of the Creeps–there are plenty of examples of horror and humor going hand.

Don’t get me wrong–I love straight up terrifying horror as well–but I actually prefer to read those kinds of stories. When it comes to shows and movies, I want to have fun.

And Scream Queens is a ton of fun.

Not only does the show have a million nods to the films I grew up watching, but the casting is superb. New regulars this season include John Stamos (Full House), Taylor Lautner (Twilight) In this season’s first episode, we got Jerry O’Connel (Scream 2, Stand by Me) and Kirstie Alley (Cheers, Village of the Damned).

But the core of Scream Queens is Dean Munsch and the Chanels–Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin. The chemistry these four characters have is wonderful, and their dialogue is amazing.  Behold:

There were several laugh out loud moments during this season’s first episode, and the dialogue was in mid-season form already.  And I love Keke Palmer’s Zeyday, who is just slightly less crazy than everyone else, making her the voice of reason for the group.

As for the Green Meanie, this year’s killer? I don’t know if I like it as much as the Red Devil, but I’m along for the ride and it’s early yet.


My hope for Scream Queens this season is that it pushed the ridiculous factor as high as possible. If you’re playing by ’80s horror movie rules, each sequel gets progressively more crazy, and I like how ludicrous the premise of this season is already.

Scream Queens is on Tuesdays at 9pm.


Seeing Double

Good Morning, Kittens!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! If you live somewhere like me (Ohhhh Canada), you’re probably already feeling that fall chill even though it’s technically only the second day of the best motherfluffing season of the year. I don’t know about you, but I’m already a PSL-toting basic babe decked out in flannel.

There are some exciting things happening in my world at the moment – aside from 3D printing a foot inside my uterus – but there’s not much I can share at the moment. What I can be openly stoked about is the The Haunted Hotel Writer & Illustrator Showcase starting over on Jolene’s blog, starting October 2nd. I know a few of the Society members are taking part, so please stop by for a quick scare.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the creepy little tale that inspired my own showcase piece.

While hanging out at the International Space Station, astronaut Barry Wilmore had this to say about his eleven-day-stint in the sky.

“You never know true beauty until you see Earth from space, or true terror until you hear someone knocking on the space station door from outside. You look through the porthole and see an astronaut, but all your crew is inside and accounted for. You use the comm to ask who it is and he says he’s Ramirez returning from a repair mission, but Ramirez is sitting right next to you in the command module and he’s just as confused as you are. When you tell the guy this over the radio he starts banging on the door louder and harder, begging you to let him in, saying he’s the real Ramirez. Meanwhile, the Ramirez inside with you is pleading to keep the airlock shut. It really puts life on Earth into perspective.”

Pardon my french, but fucccccccccccccccck that. Ramierez and his space-doppelganger would be out for a float in no time.


Since reading this, I’ve been a bit obsessed over doppelganger stories. There are some super creepy stories throughout history, like this one about Emilie Sagee or the story about Catherine the Great stumbling upon her own doppelganger perched upon her throne.

Personally, I’m a fan of the more current versions. Here’s one of my favorite stories, posted on the best subreddit ever, NoSleep.

While I’ve never personally seen mine – or anyone else’s – shadow twin, they’re out there. The question is whether your twin will help you prank your husband or if she’ll cut your throat and steal your kids.


Happy Friday!

GIFspirations: The Other Post

A few aeons ago my best friend and I would jog together. Now I am no runner, but I could jog nice and slow and it wasn’t that awful. Usually. Some days it was even great.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.30.10 PM

All images and GIFs courtesy of Google images.

But other days, ugh. It was rough. Maybe it was something I ate. Maybe it was dehydration, but something pushed me down. Physically.

Mentally and emotionally I was ready to run, but once in a while…it was what my friend still refers to the five-ton man run. To her, it felt like she had a five ton man on her back.

That’s me today. Not for running, but writing. This post has had me dragging for three days.

I started a post about my worst dreams.

I started a short video about my fears.

I started writing another poem.

And then, just when I was about to recycle my laptop, I asked myself: What would I post if no one else was ever going to see it?

And my answer was: GIFs.

A collection of GIFs which blend my love of the creeptacular with my need for visual stimulation.

And so, Dear Reader, until I get this five ton man off my back, here are tonight’s GIFspirations.

You can lump them or leave them for all I care.

Though, I do care. I’m sorry I said that. I love you.


Horror Coming Soon to a TV Near You

I LOVE TV, especially horror on TV. I always have. Every fall brings new seasons of shows I love, but also NEW SHOWS! Oh, the possibilities! Sure they could suck. Sure they could get canceled even though I love them. Sure ALL THE THE WAYS WE COULD BE DISAPPOINTED…



They could be awesome. These shiny new shows could stick around forever and keep our horror-loving little hearts all full of sparkly darkness and blood pumping creepiness.

Four brand spankin’ scary (hopefully!) new shows caught my attention.

The SyFy channel brings three of the four.

Poster for Syfy show Aftermath, image from Syfy.com

Poster for Syfy show Aftermath, image from Syfy.com

Aftermath. Follow the Copeland family as they survive the end of the world…complete with storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, plagues, and supernatural creatures!

Premieres Tuesday, September 27th at 10 EST.  I’ll be there, cause…SUPERNATURAL CREATURES!


Poster for SyFy show Van Helsing, image from syfy.com

Poster for SyFy show Van Helsing, image from syfy.com

Van Helsing. Dude, vampires have taken over. Vanessa Van Helsing, our last hope, her blood can change vampires into humans. So I guess they might want to kill her, you know, to hold onto their vampire powers.

Premieres Friday, September 23 at 10 EST.  Vampires. Yeah.



Poster for Syfy show Channel Zero, image from syfy.com

Poster for Syfy show Channel Zero, image from syfy.com

Channel Zero: Candle Cove. If you haven’t seen the commercial with the person/thing made out of teeth…then where have you been? Made. Out. Of. Teeth. This show is based on “Creepy Pasta”, which I have never heard of until now (*facepalm*), a user-generated web site where people post horror stories and pass them on! The show centers on one man’s obsessive recollection of a TV show from his childhood and suspects that the show plays a role in the scary events of his past.

Premieres Tuesday, October 11 at 9 EST… seriously? That’s too far away. Though it could make October that much more awesome.


And one from FOX…

The Exorcist TV show poster, image from fox.com

The Exorcist TV show poster, image from fox.com

The Exorcist. YESSSSS! Two very different priests and one family’s fight to against demonic possession.

Premieres Friday, September 23. Demons. *drops mic* *walks away*


A good year for horror on TV? We’ll have to wait and see.

American Horror Story Season 6


They are the first thing I boxed up and threw in the attic after watching Poltergeist, and now I have a few heads hanging around. Who would have thought I’d be decorating with dolls as an adult.

As far as I’m concerned, dolls have been used in films for one reason.

They. Are. Scary. As. Hell.

So, of course AHS would choose to feature a talking and bleeding doll and creepy black spiders. I mean, why not? I am super excited to see what Lady Gaga does this season. Haven’t seen the trailer? Check this out!


Amy - Midnight Society Signatures

Going Back at IT (The First 120 Pages)

It_coverAs I wrote about a little while back, I am attempting to make my way through Stephen king’s IT for the first time, and this is my fifth attempt. The previous four have all ended somewhere between the 500-700-page mark, if I remember correctly.

So, I read through the first 120 pages or so, which, according to my Kindle, is approxiamtely 11% of the book. I just finished being introduced to Beverly, the sixth of our seven main characters. Her introduction was arguably the most jarring, as we are given a very close (and graphic) look at the abusive relationship that Beverly was in.

Beverly’s introduction puts an exclamation point on the fact that we are over one hundred pages in and are not yet done meeting our main characters. For many horror novels, we would be one-third of the way donee with the entire story already. Here, we are essentially still in the prologue.

In my previous attempted readings of IT, the book was already starting to lose me by this point. The amount of time King spent on the introductory scenes for each character was way too much, in my opinion.

This is my first time reading IT as a writer, and it has really changed my feelings about the book so far.

I still feel like some of these introductory scenes are unnecessarily long and over-indulgent, but I can completely recognize and respect this choice by King. We are seeing just how much the events of their childhood affected these characters in their adult lives, despite the fact that they can’t remember a lot of those events. The choices they made, the people they ended up with–all of it. And of the characters we’ve met so far, Stan was the one guy who seemed completely happy with where he was at. Because of that, could not even fathom returning to his childhood home, despite the promise that he’d made. He would rather die. And so he did.

Each introduction is almost a short story in and of itself, and it’s the structure though which King has decided to start this grand tale. I’m definitely appreciating more this time around.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with another update. Until then, I’m jumping back into IT.

Jenna’s Annual list of Creepy Kids

I’m writing this through droopy eyes, with a mug of tea that’s long grown cold. For today, we had the Nephews.

Don’t get me wrong. I love everything about the tiny creatures, but three kids that are three and under is nutty. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to tucker them out or how many treats you give them, you will eventually lose control of the asylum. You are, at any given time, one bite away from pure pandemonium.

Once the kids went to bed, Matt and I collapsed in the living room. We ran through our usual banter about never having sex again now that there’s another bun in the oven. Then he looked at me, smiled, and said, “Well, at least none of the boys are Gage.”


                                                  But he’s so cute here!


This lead to the spawning of this post, which is Jenna’s Annual List of Creepy Kids!


First off we have Macaulay Culkin’s character, Henry, in the film ‘The Good Son’. He starts off as just a bit of an odd ball interested in death. Things rapidly escalate and by the time the movie is coming to it’s harrowing close, you’re wishing death upon the little bugger. No? Just me? Well I still can’t go underneath an overpass without watching for falling dummies.


Next we have little Johnny McFarley, star of the Canadian horror movie ‘The Paperboy’. You know right off the bat that this kid is a bad egg. Before you’re ten minutes into the movie, Johnny kills someone. Not only that but he tricks a woman into having a freaking heart attack by (fake) killing her dog, Wieners, by smashing a pillowcase of ketchup bottles with a bat. That scene still gives me the willies and I haven’t seen the movie in actual decades.


Then we have a double-hitter; Aidan and Samara from ‘The Ring’. You know their story, horror lover. It’s obvious why Samara makes this list:

Aidan is creepy as shit. From his blank stares to his famous last line, “She never sleeps.” This kid gave The Ring an extra shot of fear.

Well, there you have it. My own little creepers are fast asleep so it’s time to hit the hay.

Spooky dreams, kittens.

Seven Films that Scared the Ghosts Out of Me

This week has been something else. I wash my hands of it.

When I have a week like this, I’ve learned to build in down time. And tonight, I do so by thinking about what I want to watch this weekend.

My goal is to go through any and all of these seven gems which–for one reason or another–scared the ghosts right out of me the first time I saw them. And then some.

#7: THE BOY. Discovered it when I recognized that girl from the zombie show. Holy fekking sheeeet. The only thing worse than a doll is a doll that may or may not be possessed.


#6. RETURN TO OZ. Oh, behold, the stuff of nightmares. My sister rented it with a buy 1/get 1 coupon from Blockbuster. I’d already chosen HOOK. Holy freaking freaks. The Wheelies? I feel like I don’t like inanimate objects coming to life because reasons, but something about the Wheelies put me over the edge and down into an abyss.


#5. MISERY. One night when I was about 13, I couldn’t sleep. I heard the TV on downstairs and found Dad watching a movie on AMC. He said, “Hey, this has Kathy Bates. You’ll like it.” So I watched the rest of it with him and WHAT. THE. HELL. DAD. But he was right. Well. Not that I liked it, but I couldn’t look away. Oh, was she ever a hot mess. I think I kept trying reconcile KB’s character in MISERY with KB’s character in FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. It wasn’t going to happen.


#4. PAN’S LABYRINTH. In college, I was closest with the same group of friends I met in middle school. We loved movies. We loved fantasy. Someone brought this over on DVD and we went for it. FML. Wow. I have never loved something so horrifying so much.

#3. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. In the summer of 1999 I was at college orientation at Edinboro University in Erie, PA. Jacked up on caffeine, I followed a small group of good nerds to the school’s planetarium. One of the orientation leaders who wasn’t much older than we were, set up a promotional reel of some footage his friends took. “[His] friends from high school put it together and it was going to head to theaters soon.” Basically, he positioned us as witnesses to actual footage. This was before THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and oh Sweet Cheezits I may have pissed myself. Didn’t sleep the rest of the weekend.

#2. THE CARE BEARS MOVIE. Not on obvious choice, but I was only 4 when I saw it in theaters and the book from hell was there and I did not read for months after that.


#1. THE OTHERS. Freshman year of college, a bunch of us went off campus for a few hours. After dinner we decided to catch whatever was playing in the half-dollar theater. Whatever the first choice our driver wanted to see was sold out, so we went into THE OTHERS instead and OH. MY. GOD. The terror and joy this film gave me was like nothing I’d ever felt before. The inside-outness that I felt afterwards. The shock. The twist. It solidified my love of the horror genre. This psychological version of horror anyway. Best fifty cents I ever spent.


NOTE: I reserve the right to add to these seven in the coming days. But I also want to know: What are you seven? Let me know in the comments!


If it bleeds, we can kill it.

A friend and coworker posted this quote on Facebook. And I was immediately curious over whether or not the current political climate had pushed him over the edge. What I didn’t know was that this is a famous line from the 1987 movie, Predator.

He quickly set me straight.
I will be bombarding him with quotes from the movie as I watch–be warned they might also find their way to Twitter and Facebook, too:)

For those of you who have never seen Predator, I’ve posted the trailer below. I haven’t seen this movie since it came out. This isn’t your typical horror film. In fact, it’s considered science fiction horror. This was a huge genre that ran from the 1980s to the 1990s. Big films, like The Thing, Alien, The Blob, Hellraiser, and The Fly may emphasize the science fiction aspect of the plot–but HOLY HELL are they scary. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.