Infographic: Why are we afraid of the dark

Confession time, because I find myself in a horrific situation and it just keeps on going:


About a month and a half back I decided to switch providers because I wanted more bandwidth for less money, and the transfer process in in its second week with no respite in sight. Let me tell you something, Midnighters — where I live its as cold as a witch’s ***** and I ain’t shuffling off to the library to make use of the free wifi which I need to research my next article (which, by the way, was a fun little exploration of the Bell Witch Haunting.) I’ve been forced to put that on pause for a second so I can share what I found online this week, because my time online is so very limited right now it hurts (and this is also pretty darn cool.)

Have I mentioned how much I love the dark?

Here’s why:

Infographic: Why are we afraid of the dark

Fear of the Dark Infographic

Fear of the Dark Infographic, from

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  1. Melinda Jane Harrison says:

    Loved this one. It’s really good, Kira! Growing up I was always afraid of the dark, I slept with a light on till I was over 30 years of age. One year, my husband took me to one of those shows at a planetarium and it was stone black for like five minutes and I almost had a panic attack! Laughing.

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